The white-collar workforce is at a huge advantage with the ability to work from home in many roles, which is proving valuable during the global pandemic. While COVID-19 has created economic unease and tension for businesses, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The hiring market is picking back up and there are still projects to be delivered. A contingency plan to ensure that you have the resource required to deliver projects quickly and efficiently is key. During this crucial time your business may need to look at using contractors, or as we call them at Entity Solutions, IPros (short for Independent Professionals).

Here’s five reasons to use contractors through COVID-19:

Flexible teams according to need

Currently the business requirements change every day and while some projects are halted, there are others being picked up or fast-tracked. Be on the front foot of the new economic environment by reviewing the resource you have and where you might need to bolster your team.

Payroll financing takes the stress out

Paying your workforce is one of the most critical elements to managing any business. Payroll financing is an effective way for you to meet payroll requirements on time. We can fund the payroll for your contractor workforce and simplify the billing process, meaning your contractors are paid on time, every time.

Contractors hit the ground running

Contractors are experienced and versatile independent professionals. They are well versed in entering an organisation, understanding what is required and delivering high-quality work in a short space of time. If you want to ensure your project is in safe hands and will be delivered with efficiency, then a contingent workforce might be a good option for your business.

The talent pool is strong

Due to the nature of contracting being short-term and specialised, there is a large amount of highly skilled contractors in the talent pool right now. The turnaround time in contractor engagement can be very short as interviews are skills-based and can easily be done quickly and remotely.

Many contractors are available immediately, especially during COVID-19. By working with a trusted recruitment agency partner and Entity Solutions, you could have the best people for the job on your project within a couple of weeks.

Mitigated risk and compliant engagements

Outsourcing all your Contractor Management requirements means we facilitate the legal and compliant engagement for your contingent workers, mitigating engagement risks. Our CMO services include digitalised on-boarding and off-boarding processes, payroll processing – managing statutory obligations, payroll funding/financing options, professional insurance coverage and statutory liability coverage.

These activities are carried out using our contractor management software that can integrate with your existing systems whether it be your ERP, VMS or recruitment system.

Our online contractor platform allows for easy, efficient on-boarding and off-boarding of contractors. Our systems can integrate with yours to provide a seamless procure to pay process, ultimately making your life easier when engaging contractors.

Get in touch with our team if you would like to discuss any of your contingent workforce options.