The ongoing race to secure top tier talent is at an all-time high, with many companies committed to making big investments in their people. Many businesses face the challenge of bridging a growing skills gap in many specialised areas of work within their organisations.

Leveraging a contingent workforce is one of the ways companies are plugging the skills gap and retaining a competitive edge. The good news: the contingent workforce is growing. Many younger workers are leaning more towards white-collar contingent work (otherwise known as contract work) because they seek more flexibility and freedom both in and out of work. The question remains, just how important are contract workers today? According to a survey that People2.0 conducted with our customers, 95% of the respondents said that contract workers are very important to their teams.

Not only were contract workers important, but many clients engage a substantial number of contract workers. In fact, 60% of our respondents said that they had a workforce comprised of up to 40% contract workers.

The reliance on the contingent workforce looks like it is here to stay as the challenge of closing an ever-growing skills gap across dozens of industries persists. According to our respondents, 47% of them believe that the number of contract workers in their organisation is likely to increase over the next 6 months, while another 47% believe that it will remain the same.

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