Recently Neil Merola, Head of APAC at People2.0, was interviewed by Shortlist, a publication that keeps recruitment agency and in-house talent acquisition professionals informed about their sector. Neil addressed the increase in demand for overseas talent as well as some of the barriers businesses may face when acquiring overseas talent.

Battling a growing skills gaps

The demand for overseas talent at present continues to grow at an overwhelmingly rapid rate, but with blown out processing times, the need for government intervention to increase skilled migration caps has never been greater.

“As organisations have started resource planning and skills gap analysis, it’s clear that they cannot find the necessary skills here, particularly for high-end digital and IT skills,” said Merola.

The opening of the borders has no doubt helped businesses gain access to more skilled workers, however the current caps are still not meeting the demands of businesses in Australia. What’s more, there are a lot of skilled overseas workers wanting to come to Australia too. More can be done to help get these workers into the country to support our Australian businesses.

Government support crucial to help alleviate problem

Merola believes the Federal Government will consider increasing the overall numbers of international workers allowed in, because he has seen thresholds change for some service providers.  Increasing numbers will in turn positively impact the economy as well as Australia’s productivity capacity. “There’s not enough [talent] here, they’ll get it in, it contributes to the economy, it contributes to the creation of the next job… It’s a 360-cycle so they do need to bring it in.”

The type of skilled workers that will really help both business and the economy are those with high-end skills that are able to hit the ground running.

Navigating the hiring process for overseas talent

Getting overseas talent onboard can be complex at times because of the conditions and requirements of various visas. People2.0 has a team of in-house Migration Agents that can successfully help you and your business navigate this process.

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