It’s our 20th Anniversary!

Gosh, how time flies! It is with tremendous excitement that Entity Solutions celebrates its 20th year as a business in 2019. “How did it all start?” you may be wondering. Well, our story begins back in 1999, when four passionate professionals (Matthew Franceschini, Jonathan Knowles, Carlos Ruiz and Pedro Fric) sought to meet the needs of an emerging, niche market of white collar contractors in Australia.

At the time, many organisations were unaware of their responsibilities in relation to engaging skilled workers on a fixed term, assignment or project basis, and little attention was given to the management costs and potential compliance risks. To that end, they founded Entity Solutions (ES) – intent on making it a success.


Starting out

Based in Victoria, ES was originally classified as a ‘provider of salary packaging solutions for contractors’ but soon restructured its business model and expanded its service offering to cater to a changing environment. Entity Migration is one such example of anticipating Australia’s workforce needs by simplifying the sponsorship process for engaging overseas professionals. Together with an unwavering commitment to our core values, it allowed ES to become a leader in the Australian contingent workforce space and pioneer the acceptance of contingent workers as a legitimate and invaluable resource for businesses.

Dominance in the Australian market naturally paved the way for international expansion, and the rest as they say, is history! The reasons for starting the business still hold as true today as they did in 1999, as Entity Solutions continues to grow to meet the needs of independent professionals (or IPros as we like to call them) and organisations in this new world of work.


Key Milestones

It’s time for a trip down memory lane as we canvass the key milestones that have made Entity Solutions the holistic workforce solutions provider you know today. For a fast-paced organisation so inextricably linked to an ever-changing legislative environment, there have been countless occasions where we’ve had to rise to the challenge. Truly an industry where you must ‘adapt or perish’. We can’t capture all of our achievements in the space of one article, but here goes…

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Our Supporters

We recognise that these achievements would simply not be possible without the support and loyalty of our customers, peers, and friends, so we’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you all. Beyond the transactional elements of this business beats a heart and soul – a genuine desire to craft solutions that allow workers and organisations to benefit from the future of work.

It is humbling to have carved out such a strong reputation in the industry and we take that responsibility very seriously. As a leading and progressive organisation, we are facilitating the next movement in flexible work arrangements, to ensure that there are no barriers in connecting the best resources to an organisation.


What’s next?

So what’s on the horizon for Entity Solutions you may ask? Tapping into new markets to better serve the emerging needs of our customers is at the core. We’re busy laying the foundations for another successful 20 years and look forward to you coming along for the ride. Stay tuned for the rollout of some exciting developments!