Positive steps for New Zealand as they have announced reopening borders in phases to fully vaccinated travellers. It will allow these travellers to isolate themselves on their own instead of having to go through managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ). MIQ is set to remain for the unvaccinated.

New Zealand’s phased approach rolls out in a five-step plan that will prioritise returning New Zealanders.

Source: New Zealand border to reopen in stages from 27 February

The five-step plan prioritises returning New Zealanders while also bringing forward the reopening of key visa categories in just over 5 weeks to address worker shortages and accelerate economic recovery.

Hiring overseas talent for your business

In the year before the pandemic, 239,000 overseas talents came into the country on various types of temporary work visas, some for a short stay and others hoping to stay longer or eventually gain residency. That number fell to just 5700 in the past year, a drop of 97.5 per cent.

For many businesses in New Zealand struggling with talent shortages, the border reopening comes as a huge relief, bringing more opportunities to tap back into the overseas talent pool. Overseas workers can be a great asset for businesses, bridging skills gaps, bringing new contacts, viewpoints, and ways of working. But there are rules and regulations you will need to follow when looking to hire an overseas talent.

Navigating the hiring process for overseas talent

Getting overseas talent onboard can be complex at times because of the conditions and requirements of various visas. People2.0 can connect you to experienced experts that can  successfully help you and your business navigate this process.

Whether you are a business facing a talent shortage and looking to bring in overseas talent, or an individual looking to secure a job in New Zealand, People2.0 has the tools and capability to help you. Reach out to us at enquiries.apac@people20.com for a consultation.


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