The lead up to the end of tax year is always a great time to reflect on your goals, tie up loose ends and take steps to improve your financial strategies as a contractor. In these unprecedented times when many people are experiencing changes to work and income, it’s even more important to make smart decisions to boost your super, reduce tax, maximise government entitlements and build wealth.

Take advantage of Super Contribution Caps

If you’ve maintained a strong income consider maximising your super contributions now. Putting that money into super now will sure up your future and stop your lifestyle expenses from soaking up the extra income you’ve earned.

There are several strategies you can use to do this, including:

  • concessional (pre-tax) contributions of up to $25,000 per annum (including any employer and salary sacrifice contributions)
  • non-concessional (after tax) contributions of up to $100,000 per annum,
  • spousal super contributions,
  • contribution splitting, and
  • contribution of proceeds from the sale of your principal residence (so called downsizing contributions).

To be eligible in this financial year, contributions must be received by your super fund by 30 June. Note that due to the processing systems of many super funds and the extra workload at this time of year, the final submission dates are often a earlier than this so it’s best to get your contribution in a soon as possible.

Reduce your tax by making a one-off super contribution before June 30

Super is taxed at a maximum of 15%, while earnings on your investments outside of super are taxed at your marginal rate. Making a super contribution allows you to shift the earnings on your investments to a potentially lower tax environment.

If you earn under $50,454 you may qualify for the Government co-contribution

Provided at least 10% of your income is from employment, the Government will boost your retirement savings by up to $500. Eligibility conditions apply, so talk to your adviser.

Salary sacrifice part of your pre-tax salary or bonus

Take advantage of low tax rates on super by diverting part of your pre-tax salary to super instead of taking it as cash.

Boost your spouse’s super and reduce your tax

If your spouse earns less than $13,800, you can make an after-tax contribution to their super and grow their retirement savings whilst you gain a valuable tax offset.

Use your tax refund to reduce non-deductible debts or add to super

As tempting as it may be to splurge, paying off debts like your home loan or contributing extra to super is a more effective way to use your refund.

Help someone else in need

If you have taken advantage of the above opportunities and still have available cash you may want to donate to a charity to help someone else through these tough times. Most charity donations are fully tax deductible and have the added bonus of making you feel great too.

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